About Willabrand Figs

Willa WauchopeFigs were never part of my childhood, however when we moved to the 1840’s Glen Ewin Jam Factory at Houghton, with its fig history and remnant orchards so started the fig journey.

Willabrand Australia nowadays is a multi Award winning family owned South Australian business specialising in figs. Our orchards comprise almost 12,000 trees of 5 main varieties: Archipal, Deanna, Spanish Desert, Brown Turkey and Black Genoa. In the 30 years that we’ve been at Glen Ewin, we have never sprayed the figs with any chemicals and employ organic management practices wherever we can.

Each variety of fig has a distinct look and most importantly a distinct flavour. We try to use specific varieties for different products, for example the enrobed and glace figs are usually made from the Brown Turkey as they are the perfect size and hold their shape throughout the cooking process.

The Fig Season is Short but Sweet, it commences mid February and ends in April. You are welcome to visit our orchard at Glen Ewin Estate and pick your own.

Willabrand is now making Fig Gin which we launched at Tasting Australia in June 2017.  The Gin is an extremely popular extension of our Fig Products and is available on line and numerous boutique bottle shops in South Australia.

Please Visit  www.potandstill.com.au for more information.


Willa Wauchope